Where you were born and who you went to school with should not determine your career success…We make sure it doesn’t!

Leave your legacy on the next generation of emerging sales stars

Build confidence as a leader, grow your network, and define your legacy.
Mentor aspiring B/SDRs from low socioeconomic backgrounds in just 1-3 hours a month.

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Profile image of Olly who works as a coach from GoCardless
Olly -
"I only spent two 30 minute calls speaking with Tom and he got hired at GoCardless! It felt great to have a meaningful impact in a very flexible way"
Robert -
"I didn’t go to university and have spent most of my career in retail. After being referred through Tangent, I’m now working as a BDR at Multiverse!"

What’s in it for you?

Make big impact

All our Jobseekers come from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. By referring and mentoring them, you'll have a huge impact on their lives

Develop skills

By mentoring aspiring BDRs you'll get real examples of when you have developed your leadership and management skills.

Join the community

Join Tangent and get invited to exclusive events where you can grow your network with the other 250+ Sales Mentors in London

Referral bonuses

Get a referral bonus from your company for the hires you help them make by referring top talent from Tangent

How it works



Browse through our BDR video pitch library and connect with diverse talent who want to work in sales



Offer your advice and insight into the sales hiring process



Support talent on their journey & if it’s a fit – make a referral!


What is a Mentor?

Our Mentors are tech professionals who want to make a difference, bring diverse talent into their team, and develop leadership skills in the process.

By becoming a Mentor you can meet, mentor and refer aspiring BDRs who lack that all important professional network.

What’s the criteria to be a Mentor?

At Tangent, we need to ensure that we have the best quality Mentors in our community so we vet every single application - this process can take up to a week.

Our criteria for approval are:
- You work in a Tech company
- You have signed up with your LinkedIn profile
- You are keen to mentor and support others

Will I get support with being a Mentor?

Absolutely! Once you sign up and officially join Tangent you will have access to a wide range of resources that will help you with every step of the Tangent process. We’ve got your back!

How much time do I need to spend as a Mentor?

Being a Mentor is all about being high impact, but low time-commitment! Mentors typically spend a few hours (1-4) a month meeting jobseekers on Tangent. This is usually spent on intro calls and then mentoring calls for any interviews they get to once you refer them. But ultimately, the time you spend is up to you! What's important to remember is that mentoring on Tangent is designed to be short-term (i.e. until someone you're supporting gets hired) but you can decide to spend as much time with the people you meet as you like.

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