Where you were born and who you went to school with should not determine your career success…We make sure it doesn’t!

Stop the endless job search.
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Get hired at one of London’s top tech companies by connecting with the people who already work there. Match with a mentor and get referred into a tech sales role. Real help, from real people, when you need it most.

Don't send endless applications.

Get referred instead.

You’re 9x more likely to get hired through a referral

82% of companies rank referrals as their best hiring channel

70% of people get hired through their professional connections

A referral is when an existing employee recommends you as a candidate to their company.

But what if you don’t
have those connections?
That’s where we come in!

Your sales career

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You're connected! The next step is to agree a time for a video call
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Hey Nayef!
1 hour
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I just watched your video pitch and think you'd be a great BDR at Linkedin! We've got an open role and I'd love to tell you more about it. Want to to jump on a call to connect?
1 hour
Hi Denise, that's amazing and I'd love to connect! I've just sent you an invite for 4.00pm today. Speak then :)
1 hour
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Brilliant! Speak soon 🙂
41 minutes
Denise is typing...

Employees from top tech companies will view your pitch, message you, and arrange a call. If it’s a match, they will then refer you into their companies. No more applying for jobs!

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Getting a referral is the hiring secret no one talks about
No Network to LinkedIn Referral

"Until I joined Tangent I didn't know anyone at LinkedIn. Now I'm being referred into the company and am being coached by a top LinkedIn sales rep."

From Retail to BDR

"I didn’t go to university and have spent most of my career in retail. After being referred through Tangent, I’m now working as a BDR at Multiverse!

One-to-one CV support

“My mentor went through my CV, gave me some tips on what to change, what to keep. He also gave me advice on what to do with my career. It was extremely helpful.”

Insider knowledge on tech

“It was just so good to speak with someone that knows how things are in the tech world, because it can be quite hard to find your way as a fresh graduate.”


What jobs can I get referred for?
Business Development Representative roles in London

No experience needed

A BDR role is a great way to kickstart your career in sales. It’s an entry level position so you won't need much experience, just the right attitude and work ethic.

Progress fast

Tech sales offers fast career progression. Expect to be a BDR for around 9-18 months before getting promoted to a full-cycle sales role, or moving to a different area in tech.

Get a good salary

Your starting salary will be around £30,000 + commission on the potential new customers (leads) you find. Many tech companies will also offer you equity in the company.

Your hard work rewarded

You’ll engage with potential leads through cold-calling, emailing and social media outreach. With a commission based salary package, your enthusiasm and creativity will be rewarded.

Be seen by 400+ sales reps from London’s top tech companies

Our mentors are sales leaders at some of the biggest names in tech. They volunteer their time to support you through the interview process and refer you into open roles.
  • Connect with your future colleagues
  • Get career advice and CV reviews
  • Be supported through interviews
"Working with candidates on Tangent is great as I can develop my coaching and leadership skills whilst making a real difference."
Profile image of Georgia who works as a coach from Revolut
"I know how hard it is to get into tech without a network. It’s a privilege to be able to help others who are driven and talented but just need a bit of support."
Profile image of Olly who works as a coach from GoCardless
"It’s not what you know, it’s who you know and that needs to change. I’m ready to be a part of this change."

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Is Tangent free?

Yes! Tangent is and always will be free for individual members.

Will I definitely get a job through Tangent?

Employee referrals don’t guarantee a job but they significantly increase your chances. In fact, you are at least 9x more likely to get hired through a referral. There’s no better way to get hired.

Will I get support with my video pitch?

Absolutely. Once you sign up to Tangent, you’ll have access to a wide range of resources that will help you at every step of the process. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

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