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Our Changemakers are featured Sales Mentors who are supporting the next generation to access opportunities in tech sales. They make an outsized impact on the lives of our jobseekers through short-term mentoring and referring them for open roles.

Sarah Boyle

Sarah is a Senior Commercial Account Executive at Reachdesk. In this edition, Sarah shares her story of starting her career in recruitment sales, the importance of saying 'yes' and why giving back is important to her.

Aaron Eckelt

Aaron is a Product Marketing Manager at Beamery. In this edition, he shares his story of moving to the UK aged 3 from Germany, how he moved from selling coffee machines to software sales and how someone seeing his potential and motivated him to be a Mentor

Harry Barker

Harry is an Account Executive at Oracle Netsuite. In this edition, he shares his story of being a 5 generation salesman, how googling "Highest paying areas of sales" got him into Tech and how his experience of being Mentored has encouraged him to give back

Tino Zisengwe

Tino is a Senior Business Development Representative at Pulsar. In this edition, he shares his journey from studying Law to working in Tech, how working in sales has developed his confidence and how the time it took him to get into tech sales has motivated him to be a Tangent Mentor

Nurudin Mudhir

Nurudin Mudhir is an Account Executive at Hotjar. In this edition, Nurudin talks about his humble upbringing, how he started his career in Sales and why he has chosen to be a Tangent Mentor

Tony Armstrong

Tony Armstrong is a Senior Account Executive at OpenText. In this edition, Tony talks about his journey from accounting into tech and why understanding the culture of a company and the products they sell are key to early success.

Valentina Buitron

Valentina is an Account Executive at Stripe. In this edition, Valentina shares her story of growing up in Ecuador, applying to over 100 jobs after university and becoming a Growth Account Executive at FinTech Unicorn, Stripe.

Will Marsh

Will is a SDR at Cognism. In this edition, Will talks about how he changed his career to tech sales, the massive growth potential in the industry and why mentoring is so important.

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