Leave your legacy on the next generation of emerging
sales stars

Share your sales experience with aspiring B/SDRs from low socioeconomic backgrounds through
short 25 minute mentoring calls and employee referrals

Help socially diverse talent take their first steps into a
sales career

Wish you had support on your journey? Give back in a meaningful way, by mentoring motivated candidates ready to work in the world of tech sales, who just need a helping hand.

"Until I joined Tangent I didn't know anyone in Tech. Now I'm being mentored by a top LinkedIn sales rep and am being referred into the company."
"I didn’t go to university and have spent most of my career in retail. After being referred through Tangent, I’m now working as a BDR at Multiverse!"
“My mentor went through my CV, gave me some tips on what to change, what to keep. He also gave me advice on what to do with my career. It was extremely helpful.”

What’s in it for you?

Transform lives

All our Jobseekers come from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. By referring and mentoring them, you'll have a huge impact on their lives.

Develop skills

By mentoring aspiring BDRs you'll get real examples of when you have developed your leadership and management skills.

Join the community

Get invited to exclusive events where you can grow your network with all the other Mentors in our community.

Referral bonuses

Get a referral bonus from your company for the hires you help them make by referring top talent from Tangent.

Start mentoring

in 4 simple steps

1Sign Up

Apply to be a mentor and create your free account. Mentors create a profile that can then be discovered by candidates.

Nayef a Referral to LinkedIn

Explore our talent video feed. Candidates submit a video introducing themselves and why they want to work in sales to help you get a sense of who they are.


Message and arrange a call with top BDR candidates. Connect, share advice, see how you can help them on their career journey. Mentoring can take up as little as one hour a month, you’ll still make a huge impact.

Denise Jennings profile image from Linkedin
You're connected! The next step is to agree a time for a video call
Denise Jennings profile image from Linkedin
Hey Nayef!
1 hour
Denise Jennings profile image from Linkedin
I just watched your video pitch and think you'd be a great BDR at Linkedin! We've got an open role and I'd love to tell you more about it. Want to to jump on a call to connect?
1 hour
Hi Denise, that's amazing and I'd love to connect! I've just sent you an invite for 4.00pm today. Speak then :)
1 hour
Denise Jennings profile image from Linkedin
Brilliant! Speak soon 🙂
41 minutes
Denise is typing...
Denise from LinkedIn has sent a message to the hiring manager, stating that she'd like to refer Nayef to the LinkedIn hiring team.

If they’re a match for your company, you can refer them for open sales roles, and mentor them through the hiring process. Knowing you’ve played a pivotal role in someone's life? There’s no feeling quite like it!

Professional networks
shouldn’t just be for the privileged

So often on the job search it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Connect with the next generation of sales stars who have all the skills and the talent – but not the network.

Don’t have an open role to refer for right now? No problem! Grow your pipeline of ambitious and diverse BDR referrals by viewing video pitches and mentoring aspiring BDRs ahead of a role going live in your company.

Ready to get started?

Apply to be a mentor in just two minutes.



What is a mentor?

Our mentors are tech professionals who want to make a difference, bring diverse talent into their team, and develop leadership skills in the process.

By becoming a mentor you can meet, mentor and refer aspiring BDRs who lack that all important professional network.

What’s the criteria to be a mentor?

At Tangent, we need to ensure that we have the best quality mentors in our community so we vet every single application - this process can take up to a week.

Our criteria for approval are:
- You work in a Tech company
- You have signed up with your LinkedIn profile
- You are keen to mentor and support others

Will I get support with being a mentor?

Absolutely! Once you sign up and officially join Tangent you will have access to a wide range of resources that will help you with every step of the Tangent process. We’ve got your back!

How much time do I need to spend as a mentor?

Being a mentor is all about being high impact, but low time-commitment! mentors typically spend a few hours (1-4) a month meeting jobseekers on Tangent. This is usually spent on intro calls and then mentoring calls for any interviews they get to once you refer them. But ultimately, the time you spend is up to you! What's important to remember is that mentoring on Tangent is designed to be short-term (i.e. until someone you're supporting gets hired) but you can decide to spend as much time with the people you meet as you like.