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Mikael - Senior Business Development Representative at Enable

February 28, 2024
Team Tangent

Our Changemakers are Sales Mentors who are supporting the next generation to access opportunities in tech sales. They make an outsized impact on the lives of our jobseekers through short-term mentoring and referring them for open roles.

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Mikael -
Senior Business Development Representative at Enable

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Tell us a bit about yourself and what you're up to now

I initially came from a marketing background but switched to tech-sales just over a year ago and haven't looked backed since. I'm a linguistics and etymology enthusiast with a deep interest in ancient history.

What was your journey into a career in Tech Sales

Initially came from a marketing background but really wanted something that was more challenging and rewarding. Tech-Sales provided not just financial benefits but also valuable transferable skills that aid in my personal progress beyond my career.

What would you say are the best things about working in Tech Sales

Tech-Sales is a role that can really better you as a person if you're someone that likes a challenge. It teaches you a variety of skills from project management, negotiations and other skills that will help you navigate in the professional word.

What advice would you give to someone who is just about to start their career in sales

Always stay curious and know how to manage your time efficiently. Even if you have no experience in sales, being able to set up and constantly follow a plan of attack will set you up for success in the long run. Always ask questions, whether they're for prospects, colleagues or senior management ; you won't get what you want by being quiet.

Why did you decide to join Tangent as a Mentor and why should others join as Mentors too

I understand the difficulties that come with having a strong desire for sales but no direction on how to break into it. I believe Tangent bridges this gap and I would be honoured to play a part in it. The fact that being a Tangent mentor would enhance my professional career whilst also helping individuals get closer to success is amazing!

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A few hours a month, a lifetime of impact. Tangent connects you with aspiring Business Development Reps from socially diverse backgrounds for short-term mentoring and an employee referral. Sign up to be a Tangent Mentor today 👇
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