Our Story
Gary and Joe (Tangent Co-Founders) smiling together outside
Hey! 👋 We’re Gary and Joe, Co-Founders of Tangent! 

We both come from low-income/social housing backgrounds and to be honest with you, it was tough. We didn’t have networks to help us navigate our careers and we’ve made SO many mistakes when applying to jobs.

Through a lot of hard work (and definitely luck!) we’ve been fortunate enough to work at amazing companies such as LinkedIn and BT. But along the way, we realised the power of professional connections and how they can be a game-changer in one's career. 🤝

We discovered that employee referrals are the golden ticket to getting hired – you're 9 times more likely to land that dream job if you're referred by an insider!

But there's a catch: if you're climbing the ladder from a less privileged background like us, you typically don’t have the type of network to get referred into a great tech company. 

Enter Tangent, a place where we're flipping the script! We're connecting jobseekers from low socioeconomic backgrounds (the people with all the talent and drive but not the best networks) with the amazing folks in tech who can give them that referral boost. 🚀

So, we're not just another networking app; we're the bridge to your next big opportunity or your chance to make huge impact!

Are you ready to join the community? Sign up to Tangent today – because we believe that the power of connections can spark a whole new Tangent in your life 💼💡