Why Bother with Job Boards When You Can Get a Job Through Referrals?

Lets just be honest, you're wasting your time applying on job boards! Here's why you should get referred instead...

Are you tirelessly slogging through job boards, tailoring your resume for the umpteenth time, and firing off applications into the digital abyss? How quaint. While you’re busy competing with a legion of faceless applicants, there’s a smarter, faster, and less sanity-draining method to land your dream job: employee referrals. Let’s face it, applying through job boards is about as effective as shouting your credentials into the void. Here’s why you should save yourself the headache and leverage referrals instead.

1. Why Compete When You Can Bypass?

Skip the Line, Seriously: why send off 1000s of applications and compete with 100s of other people on job boards when you can sidestep the masses? Applying through job boards is the professional equivalent of buying a lottery ticket—except you get less excitement and more rejection emails. With an employee referral, you can waltz bypass the resume pileup and have your application land directly in front of the hiring manager. Imagine that—someone actually reading your resume!

2. Actually Get Hired

Better Odds Than Winning the Lottery: sure, job boards are a democratic free-for-all, but who needs democracy when you can have certainty? Referred candidates are nine times more likely to get hired. That’s right, nine times. While job board applicants are lost in the sea of mediocrity, your referral shines like a lighthouse in a foggy harbor. The choice is clear—do you want to drown or be rescued?

3. Insider Information: Your Secret Weapon

Know the Company, Know the Role: applying through job boards is like walking into a job interview blindfolded. You know nothing about the company culture, team dynamics, or the real expectations of the job. But with a referral, you get the inside scoop. Your contact within the company can give you the lowdown on everything from the office vibe to interview tips. Who needs guesswork when you can have intel?

4. Look Like a Superstar

Be the VIP: when you apply through a job board, you’re just another name in a long list. But with a referral, you come with a golden seal of approval from someone on the inside. It’s like being introduced at a party by the host—you immediately stand out and get noticed. You’re not just a candidate; you’re the candidate.

5. Long-Term Job Satisfaction

Stick Around and Like It: candidates who get hired through referrals tend to stick around longer. Why? Because they start with a clear understanding of what the job entails and whether it’s a good fit for them. Job board hires, on the other hand, often end up disillusioned and heading back to the job search grind sooner than they’d like. Who wants to be a job-hopping nomad when you can find your happy place from the get-go?

6. Build Your Network, Not Just Your Resume

Connections Matter: landing a job through a referral doesn’t just get you in the door; it connects you with a network of professionals who can support your career growth. The person who referred you can introduce you to other key players in the company, setting you up for success from day one. Meanwhile, job board applicants are left to fend for themselves in the corporate wilderness.

7. Boost Your Confidence

Know You're Wanted: getting a referral is a massive confidence booster. It means someone believes in your abilities enough to vouch for you. This sense of support can be a game-changer during the interview process. Compare this to the soul-crushing cycle of job board rejections and you’ll wonder why you ever bothered with them in the first place.

How to Ditch the Job Boards and Get Referred

  1. Join Tangent: sign up to Tangent, create your video intro and start connecting directly with the insiders at top tech companies who volunteer their time to mentor and refer you to roles at their company. All for free of course!
  2. Tap Into Your Network: don’t be shy. Let your friends, family, and professional connections know you’re on the hunt. Be clear about what you’re looking for and ask if they can refer you to their company.
  3. Leverage LinkedIn: identify connections who work at companies you’re interested in and reach out. A simple message explaining your interest can open doors you didn’t even know existed.
  4. Join Professional Groups: participate in industry groups and forums where you can network with others in your field. These connections can lead to referrals that make your job search infinitely easier.
  5. Be Ready: have your resume polished and ready to go. Make it easy for your contact to help you by being prepared and clear about your career goals.


Let’s be real—applying on job boards is a thankless, inefficient, and often futile endeavor. Save yourself the trouble and leverage the power of employee referrals. It’s faster, more effective, and infinitely more satisfying. So, why waste another minute? Ditch the job boards and start networking your way to your next great opportunity.

Ready to take your career to the next level? Forget job boards, join Tangent for free today and start getting mentored and referred into top tech companies by the people who work there!

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